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What is a Remanufactured Toner or Ink Cartridge?


In today’s hypercompetitive economy, most businesses are engaged in two mission-critical tasks: Controlling costs for a healthier bottom line and maintaining a healthy competitive edge over other businesses in their industry. One simple but often overlooked way to capture both of these benefits is to switch from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) printer ink and toner supplies to a high-quality remanufactured toner cartridges or ink cartridges.

Believe it or not, investing in the right remanufactured toner and ink cartridges for your printer fleet can not only save you money, but also give your business’s reputation a substantial boost. This article will explain what remanufactured toner and ink cartridges really are and how you can use them to benefit your business.

Remanufactured Toner Cartridges — A Smart Investment for Your Business

Remanufactured toner and ink cartridges purchased from an established supplier can bring numerous advantages to your business that can help you reduce capital outlay and build a strong pro-environmental profile for your company.

But What Are Remanufactured Toner and Ink Cartridges?

A remanufactured printer cartridges — either ink or toner-based — is a cartridge that has already gone through one cycle of use. A responsible remanufacturer collects recycled cartridges and disassembles them in preparation for the remanufacturing process. A high-quality remanufacturer will have their own facilities that will extensively clean and test each cartridge and replace any internal components that have been damaged or worn out. Superior facilities often hold patents for technologies that promote exceptional quality and superior end products. After cleaning and repair, the cartridge will be refilled with advanced inks and toners that will yield the same — or better — outputs as similar OEM cartridges. These cartridges will be subjected to a wide range of quality control testing before they are released for sale, ensuring you receive a reliable, effective end product. Importantly, remanufactured cartridges purchased from a reputable source will work perfectly with your OEM printer and will not expose your company to possible fines or lawsuits for patent infringement as their knock-off counterparts often do.

The Cost Benefit

Because you are purchasing an ink or toner cartridges that is built on an OEM shell, it requires fewer new components to create a finished product. In fact, remanufactured cartridges consume 79% fewer materials overall, allowing the manufacturer to pass along these savings to you. Since a gallon of printer ink can cost up to $12,000, printer toner and ink cartridges often represent an enormous part of your printing costs. By reducing the cost of these cartridges through the remanufacturing process, you can effectively pare down your print spend for a healthier bottom line.

The Reputation Boost

In recent years, consumer demand is shifting toward products and services that are more environmentally friendly — and towards companies that make an effort to be sustainable. Investing in remanufactured ink and toner cartridges is one smart way to reduce your carbon footprint while boosting your sustainability profile.

Remanufactured cartridges are part of a circular economy, where one product can be effectively used and reused for more than one lifecycle. The remanufacturing process provides cartridges with a 51% smaller environmental impact, a 48% smaller energy demand, and the use of 44% fewer natural resources.

Reusing such cartridges also keeps them out of disposal areas, reducing the pressure on already overburdened landfills and reducing the toxic chemicals that can leach into soil and groundwater. High quality remanufacturers practice a closed-loop process that ensures any components of collected cartridges that are unusable are responsibly recycled.

Choosing remanufactured inks and toners for your printer fleet will allow your company to actively participate in these sustainable processes, helping you to reduce your company’s environmental impact and boost your corporate responsibility profile.

Why Choose Clover Remanufactured Toner and Ink Cartridges

Clover Imaging Group’s mission is to provide industry leading, environmentally friendly imaging products, services, and solutions. One very important part of this equation is our investment in the remanufacturing process for our superior ink and toner cartridges. We have invested in automation engineering and a number of vertical integration processes that help us provide our customers with superior quality cartridges that are environmentally friendly. In fact, through our processes, we have diverted over 41 million pounds of empty cartridges from our struggling landfills.

To ensure quality, we have over 95 patents that help produce accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in our remanufacturing process, eliminating variability for increased quality assurance. This helps us retain the lowest defect rate in the industry, ensuring that our remanufactured cartridges are reliable and will perform as well — or better than — their OEM counterparts. In addition, our cartridges are IP cleared and TAA compliant, protecting your company from expensive lawsuits resulting from the use of patent-infringing knock-off cartridges.

Get the benefit of cost-effective, high-quality ink or toner output that can also help boost your sustainability profile. Contact Clover Imaging Group today for more information on how to purchase remanufactured ink and toner cartridges for your business.