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What is a High Yield Printer Cartridge?


Whether you have a single printer for your office or an entire fleet for a multi-location enterprise, you still want to get the best return on your investment when it comes to print spend. That’s why most companies invest in a managed print solution (MPS) that allows for automated supply replenishment and more visibility into print costs. However, even if you are not ready to add MPS to your print environment, you can still help lower print costs by switching to high yield printer cartridges.

This article will help you understand the fine points of these cartridges so you can make a smart choice when purchasing and using high yield cartridges in your business.

A Primer on High Yield Printer Cartridges

High yield printer cartridges, extended yield printer cartridges, and high-capacity ink and toner cartridges are all roughly the same thing — cartridges that have a larger capacity that their standard-sized counterparts. Here are some other facts you should know about these money-saving cartridges:

They Offer a Higher Yield for the Same Cost

Traditional ink cartridges offer about 220 pages before you will need to replace them, while high yield cartridges give you around 250 pages before replacement is necessary. In contrast, traditional toner cartridges can provide anywhere from 2,500 to over 4,000 pages of printed output, but a high yield toner cartridge will improve that performance greatly. This increased yield reduces the overall cost of printed output, which in turn gives you a lower cost per page and a greater return on investment.

They are Available for Inkjet and Laser Printers

As you probably know from the previous paragraph, there are both high yield ink cartridges and high yield toner cartridges available for purchase. Given the difference in output levels, however, you should expect extended yield toner cartridges designed for laser printers to be a bit more costly than high yield ink cartridges manufactured for inkjet printers.

They Fit Most Printers Easily

Because they are labeled “extended” or “high” yield, many people think these printer cartridges won’t be able to fit in a standard printer. However, only the ink reservoir in these cartridges is larger — the body of the cartridges is the same design as your printer’s cartridge with a standard yield.

Do Your Research to Get the Best Extended Yield Cartridges

Not all high yield cartridges are created equal. While many simply contain more ink or toner, more reputable manufacturers have created cartridges that are able to withstand the additional wear and tear that results from increased page counts. This attention to superior manufacturing ensures that there are no mid-use cartridge breakdowns that will keep you from getting the cost and productivity benefits of the extra toner or ink.

Maximize Your Cost Advantage with Clover Imaging Group’s Extended Yield Cartridges

If you’re like most businesses, you are looking for creative ways to save money and/or increase office efficiency. High yield or extended yield printer cartridges offer you the perfect combination of these two factors, allowing you to go longer period between cartridge changes and giving you outstanding page yields that contribute to a lower cost per page.

However, to get the full advantage of these cartridges, you’ll want assurance that they are designed to withstand the demands of higher page counts and that their output will be crisp, clear, and professional. At Clover Imaging Group (CIG), we offer a wide range of extended yield cartridges to fit multiple printer makes and models that are capable of surpassing even OEM yields. Not only do we subject our cartridges to numerous testing protocols and quality assurance standards, but we also guarantee our page yield and our print density performance.

If you are a dealer or reseller, these extended yield cartridges make a great addition to your managed print offerings, allowing your customers to realize even greater cost savings from their managed print environment. And if you’re a business looking to get control of your print spend and maximize your return on investment, extended yield cartridges can help you minimize your cost per page without sacrificing performance and high-quality output.

Bring the advantages of high yield print cartridges to your business. Contact a Clover Imaging Group representative to learn more about the benefits of adding extended yield cartridges to your product offerings or your business environment.