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Created: February 08 2021 By: Steve Noyes Back to All Posts

New Clover GSA Content File: Update Before The March 31st Deadline

GSA Interact reminds us that all contractors must update their SIP or EDI catalog to the consolidated MAS SINs prior to March 31, 2021 to avoid the removal of their catalog from GSA Advantage.

As part of our continued effort to help our Dealers remain safe and compliant with GSA regulations and requirements, Clover Imaging Group is pleased to distribute our 2021 GSA Content File in an easy to use SIP (Schedules Input Program) format. Contact us at to receive the new file.

Many dealers are interested in selling imaging supplies to the Federal Government that are TAA compliant, best value, high quality, environmentally sustainable, while adhering to Ability One’s ETS rules.

Our SIP formatted file contains robust content and images for TAA compliant:

  1. Inkjet, laser and barcode supplies
  2. Parts and kits
  3. PPE featuring Responsible Hand Sanitizer, and EPA approved, “N” listed Cleanitize® Disinfecting Wipes

*Coming soon – An AbilityOne GSA Content File in SIP format for the 178 SKUs on the January Procurement List (PL)

Through accurate population of SIP’s compartments, the Federal shopper can leverage the enhanced Search Engine Optimization features of GSA Advantage.  This will enable the Federal shopper to find accurate products, and compare options according to their buying criteria.  It can help GSA with enforcement by leveling the playing field for reputable dealers, and create a trusted marketplace for all stakeholders. 

Opportunities for Improvement Include:

  • Uniform reference to Clover Imaging Group (CIG) as the manufacturer 
  • Accurate and descriptive titles help avoid truncated titles that hinder the search engine
  • Accurate OEM cross references will minimize customer frustration and costly returns
  • New, high quality product images that will help the customer visualize what will be shipped
  • Deliver COO accuracy, TAA compliancy, and remove ETS to support the mission of AbilityOne

Dealers can utilize our SIP 8.5 resource file by capturing portions of the rows and columns to “cut and paste” content. This content can be merged with both your Price Proposal Template for eMod and your IPROD file for SIP.

SIP will be eclipsed by content loaded by trusted manufacturers onto the Verified Product Portal (VPP) that will support the Common Catalog Platform (CCP). Clover Imaging Group was the first manufacturer to populate the VPP.  This ensures that our family of dealers can load our robust content and images as soon as the new platform is launched.

Helpful Resources

On February 10th, NOPA and ISSA will host a GSA Webinar to review their Catalog Management Systems’ Modernization initiative and the upcoming Verified Product Portal. Register here:

On February 24th, Tricia Judge, Executive Director of the International Imaging Technology Council, will present an important Webinar on the Hidden Dangers of Clone Printer Cartridges. Be sure to register here today:

If you would like to learn more about applying for a GSA Schedule, visit the GSA Vendor Support Center.

On January 21st the Centre Law & Consulting ( hosted a How to Obtain a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract webinar. You can view the recording here