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Reduce Printing Costs with Refurbished Printers


In our current hypercompetitive marketplace, more businesses — from expansive enterprises to small- and medium-sized operations — are looking for ways to reduce overhead and expenses without sacrificing productivity and quality. Many approach cost-cutting in an extreme manner, removing budget allocations for necessary equipment in the hope that employees can simply do more with less, adding to staff frustration and, ultimately, crippling output.

When it comes to your print environment, excessive budget-cutting is unnecessary — and can be counterproductive, especially in today’s remote or hybrid work environments. With the remote workforce predicted to rise to over 36 million Americans by 2025, the ubiquitous office printer — now located in staff homes — is more necessary than ever for keeping staff connected and productive. While some companies may see this need for more printers as a burden on their print budgets, it needn’t be. Smart companies know that they can reduce printing costs — and overall print spend — by relying on high-quality refurbished printers to expand their printer fleet.

How Refurbished Printers Can Help You Lower Printing Costs without Losing Productivity

Even in the best of times, most businesses are leery of over-extending equity and seek to reduce costs by keeping budgets low to bolster sagging bottom lines. However, there is another, better way to approach bottom-line health — and that’s through increased productivity. Studies show that through increasing efficiency and productivity, companies can drive capital gains and revenues that can help them reach their growth goals. Taking a two-pronged approach that includes getting creative when it comes to costs coupled with cost-management opportunities that support productivity is the best way to streamline budgets without disturbing growth potential.

To reduce printing costs using this strategy, smart companies are turning to refurbished printers to expand their printer fleets economically and keep productivity numbers high. Refurbished printers offer a host of benefits, including:

Printer Fleet Consistency for Improved Efficiency

Having a printer fleet that offers the same user interface and parts for each printer directly affects productivity. Your in-house IT staff need familiarity with only one brand or model of printer, making it easier to troubleshoot issues with on-premises or remote machines. And staff will be able to use any printer in your fleet without having to re-learn an interface, making it easier for remote or traveling staff to keep business moving forward.

Lower Cost Per Page

With a lower overall cost, refurbished printers already offer bottom-line savings. Coupled with extended-yield remanufactured print and toner cartridges, and you can offer your company — or your clients’ companies — the lowest cost per page for the best return on their investment.

Fast Replacement with Hot Swaps

Nothing slows productivity — and drains your revenue — like a work stoppage due to a failed printer. With refurbished printers, original machines can be replaced quickly with the same model at a greater cost savings, allowing work to continue smoothly.

Full Warranty

With a single hour of downtime costing an average of $300,000, reducing machine downtime is critical to extending productive work times and improving bottom line statistics. Having reliable equipment in place is a key factor in reducing downtimes and improving overall business efficiency.

Refurbished printers purchased from respected sellers such as Depot International come with a full one-year performance guarantee. This guarantee ensures purchasers that the printers they purchase are reliable, high-quality machines that will help employees reach higher productivity levels.

Choosing the Right Refurbished Printer for Your Needs

Not all refurbished printers are created equal. To get the most value — and productivity — for your print budget, look for a respected, reputable seller such as Clover Imaging's sister company, Depot International.

Depot International is dedicated to ensuring your refurbished printers are in like-new condition. Each unit is rigorously inspected and tested for defective or broken parts, then restored to original condition. This restoration is extensive, including cleaning and painting of parts, including printer covers, updating firmware, resetting the page count to zero, and then packaging them securely in boxes marked with the appropriate serial number and description.

Additionally, Depot International keeps a full complement of printer parts and interfaces for the refurbished printers they sell. Their nationwide service and support team can help any customer get the parts and service they need fast to keep productivity and efficiency high and contribute to a higher level of business continuity.

Finally, with more consumers choosing to work with companies that have a heart for the environment, your investment in refurbished printers can also help you gain a competitive advantage over your peers. Choosing a refurbished printer helps you — or your customers — reduce your carbon footprint and keep toxic e-waste out of landfills, contributing to a strong corporate responsibility program that positions you as a company that cares about sustainability.

Reduce your print costs by investing in high-quality, efficient refurbished printers. Contact Clover Imaging Group or Depot International for more information.