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Overcoming Digital Fear: How to Respond to LinkedIn Posts to Reap Big Benefits

LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for savvy business professionals and the companies that employ them. In fact, if you are looking to find a job or change jobs, either laterally or upwardly, having a LinkedIn profile with the associated description, photo, skills, and successes right there for prospective employers to see is crucial. The problem is, unless a recruiter or HR manager sees your profile, it is just another one of millions of profiles on the platform.

Keeping your profile visible is directly correlated with success in finding a position that really suits you — or positioning yourself as an authority in your field. Fortunately, increasing the reach of your LinkedIn profile is simple and only takes a few minutes every day. The trick? Commenting on LinkedIn posts written by thought leaders in your industry, companies with whom you would like to work, or individuals with whom you would like to network.

Building solid relationships is the core objective of LinkedIn, so engaging with the community is essential for success. But while people are quick to press the “like” button, many are anxious about posting actual comments. This type of anxiety, called “Digital Fear,” keeps large numbers of profiles from getting the visibility and attention they deserve.

If you’re ready to kick Digital Fear to the curb and begin reaping the substantial benefits active engagement on LinkedIn has to offer, read on.

Fight Digital Fear by Arming Yourself with Knowledge — and Establish Yourself Properly on LinkedIn

Leaving a comment on LinkedIn versus a like, share, or emoji reaction yields huge payoffs, courtesy of the LinkedIn algorithm. This algorithm cuts through the digital clutter to promote those items that are most relevant, so engaging with authors using thought-provoking comments can help shoot the post to the top of the heap — and establish the commenter as an expert on subject matter.

This sounds like a great plan — but then Digital Fear rears its ugly head, putting thoughts like this in your head:

  • What if my comment sounds silly?
  • What if a prospective employer or partner disagrees with what I’ve written?
  • What if . . . “

Stop. Take a deep breath. Writing a LinkedIn post that builds authority, empowers your personal brand, and skyrockets your profile views is incredibly simple if you just follow a few basic rules.

Rule #1: Read the Post

Probably the simplest of all the rules, reading the actual post is something that many commenters overlook, leading to generic comments such as, “Great post!” or, worse yet, a comment that has little — or nothing — to do with the actual information contained in the post.

Such a comment is not only an insult to the author, but it signals to other readers that you simply didn’t do the work.

Think about it: Most LinkedIn posts are short and sweet. Give up two to seven minutes and read every word before crafting a response.

Rule #2: Post Thoughtfully

We touched on generic comments such as “Great post!,” “Totally agree!,” or “Thank you for sharing,”. Not only are they an insult to the original poster, but they have absolutely no substance and are a waste of other readers’ time.

Think about it: When crafting a reply, carefully choose one or more critical points in the article on which to focus and write at least a few sentences that explains your support — or dissent — on the point.

Rule #3: Keep It Short and Sweet

Over half of users access LinkedIn on their mobile phones, so make sure your comments aren’t annoying walls of text. Having several paragraphs without any breaks is difficult to read and will cause viewers to move right along.

Think about it: Keep your paragraphs to two to three sentences and make sure you use paragraph breaks to insert some white space.

Rule #4: Don’t Include External Links

Sometimes linking out to external sources is seen by users — and by platforms — as a spammy kind of thing to do, especially if you are linking to a self-promoting source. Promoting your own website or products in a comment is a definite no-no and should be avoided at all costs.

Think about it: While external sources can be useful if you are running out of space, be sure to limit their usage and definitely don’t link to sites that promote your services or products.

Rule #5: Spread the Love

There are several things that should always be considered when crafting a comment, such as mentioning the author or even tagging other commenters.

Think about it: There is nothing better and more rewarding than to be tagged or included in a discussion. Generate some goodwill by including others in your comments and watch your visibility rise.

Rule #6: Can’t Think of a Reply? Ask a Question

Sometimes writer’s block kicks in and even though you really want to comment, you are drawing a blank. No problem — simply ask a question in your comment and keep that conversation going!

Think about it: This strategy not only boosts engagement, but it shows the author and other viewers that you are analytical and curious — two great attributes.

Now Go Forth and Comment!

At Clover Imaging Group (CIG), we love interacting with dealer partners, customers, jobseekers, and other LinkedIn users on the platform. Now that you have the knowledge you need to conquer your digital fear and create thoughtful, insightful, profile-boosting comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Comment on our posts to try out your new skills and say hello to more visibility. Hope to talk with you soon! #STOPDIGITALFEAR