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GSA Dealers: Maximize Remanufactured Toner Sales in 2021


To learn more about the dynamic Federal marketplace, please invite your sales team to attend our Federal Government webinar on October 28th at 2 pm EST - Register today!

Many eyes are focused on the Nov. 3 election and considering the possible changes to the Federal environment. As Agencies closed on their own authority, they will re-open, according to their individual prerogatives and timelines. We are starting to see agencies re-open, though approaches vary. The VA, EPA and IRS are among the agencies bringing employees back to their offices. As a high profile example, OPM published their plan on May 29. The OPM plan rightfully stated, “there is no one-size-fits-all solution" and the GSA released their Return to Workplace Strategy Book on Sept. 9. Our Clover Federal Government team is available to help! In addition to our high-quality remanufactured printer cartridges, we can share ideas on innovative programs and products such as PPE, and OEM and Certified Refurbished printers.  Below are some ideas, best practices and helpful resources to pivot and frame the opportunity.

Best practices from GSA Dealers can include versions of this script and strategy
  1. What does the Agency buy? Ask to review their market basket of frequently replenished items. How many people are they buying for? What was their budget last year, and what is forecasted budget this year?
  2. How do they buy? Ask what acquisition solution do they prefer? For example, the Multiple Award Schedule, “Best in Class” OS4, a Blanket Purchase Agreement, a GWAC like NIH NITAAC, NASA-SEWP, their own IDIQ, etc.
  3. What are their purchasing objectives? Ask if they have set-aside priorities in their budget? How are they currently fulfilling those purchasing objectives relative to product selection/specification, socio-economic statuses, environmental sustainability, etc.
  4. Research your historical OEM sales to the Agency if they are a current customer, and/or ask the Agency for their usage data. Success can be a partial OEM conversion. Reference GSA policy to help Purchasing Managers satisfy their acquisition objectives for:
    1. Quality Performance - Validated by BLI Independent Cartridge Testing, an innovative 10-Step Toner Remanufacturing Process, supported by an escalated tiered CIG Issue Resolution, and protected with a two-year performance guarantee, Clover US Toner Warranty certified by
    2. Best Value/Savings - Quantify and celebrate savings by populating OEM costs and usage into the Annualized Savings Calculator to frame the annualized savings proposition of up to 30% compared to the OEM.
    3. Green – Environmental Sustainability - View collection programs available for free through Review our 2018 Sustainability Report to understand our processes, results, and aspirations.
      1. Clover can validate an average Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Content of 89.60% for toners and 96.89% inkjet (based on empty cartridge weight).
      2. Agencies can quantify and celebrate their results through Check out Clover Imaging’s Environmental Calculator.
      3. Share our new video, reference our website, read about our impact, Check out partner tools, and our partnership w/ PrintReleaf
    4. AbilityOne Skilcraft – This January 2021, 158 products “powered by Clover.” 
      1. Agencies can support the mission to employ and advance the blind and severely handicapped. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
      2. AbilityOne can be purchased with a purpose through any of the 289 Authorized Dealers that meet any of the applicable socio-economic statuses – see AB1 dealer flyer
  5. Promote Clover’s top-selling assortment of mono & color laser, inkjet, and maintenance kits. Sell what sells, but steer what your customers buy.
    1. The market confirms a general decline in the large A3 centrally-located equipment, and an ascent of the more economical A4 multi-function printers, and printers for the home office.
    2. Your Clover account manager can review the list of top-selling SOHO printers, the attendant laser supplies, and inkjet.
  6. Merchandise a range of 250 laser, 30 inkjet, and 20 kits to host a selection of at least 300 remanufactured products to ensure that your Schedule is considered a complete shopping destination.
    1. As Agencies begin to return to the Federal Campus, invest this time to merchandise and modify your Schedule with the Top Sellers Q1 best-selling monochrome and color laser, inkjet, and maintenance kits.
    2. Contact your Clover Account Manager for the most robust content aligned with SIPS 8.5  available on accurate cross-references, COO to validate TAA compliance, and current images.
  7. Introduce new products every month. An actively managed site with fresh content will draw return visitors. New SKUs can define and re-define customer relationships. New SKUs are dependable winners that fulfill the demand from an installed base of printers.

According to the July 2020 survey completed last year by GSA, the #1 complaint from Federal buyers was a poorly managed website that featured products that were no longer available, incorrect pricing, shallow content that failed to provide robust descriptions, cross-references, and images.


Watch this video to grasp how GSA will transition the acquisition experience.


Relevant Links
  • On April 6, GSA released updated resources on Schedules consolidation for industry, including a summary of eTool impacts, and updated SIP instructions.

  • The Oct. 2020 timeline to consolidate the 24 GSA Schedules, MAS Consolidation Customer Brochure.

  • The Vendor Product PortalVPP Fact Sheet and VPP Mfr.-Wholesaler Fact Sheet, 4-20 will contribute to the new Common Catalog Platform (CCP)

  • This GSA calendar plans a phased-in implementation of the CCP by FY2021, with full implementation after FY2022, (Calendar Oct. 2021).

  • Due to COVID-19, the Federal Acquisition Service Training (FAST) was postponed. However, Subject Matter Experts delivered their April 14-16 curriculum on-line. These are arranged alphabetically. PDF summaries are available if you click through two pages on the bottom of page one. After review, save the PDFs you need because the link may be taken down.

  • On Oct. 9, GSA released the MAS Contractor Assessment Reference Guide conducted by Industrial Operations Analysts (IOA’s).

  • Section 846 e-Commercial Platforms Initiative

    1. Launched a proof of concept in August 2020

    2. Participating agencies include GSA, DOL, EPA, DOC, and HHS

    3. For the latest information on the Commercial Platforms proof of concept, please visit

Helpful Resources
  1. The Coalition for Government Procurement approved sharing their insightful Annual Market Research Report: 2019 Annual Market Report.pdf

    1. Review their Membership Brochure: CGP-Membership Brochure-2020-web-v2.pdf and CGP-2019-YIR-final.pdf, and Coalition Membership Application_Fillable_2020.pdf.

    2. Contact - Heather Tarpley, VP, Business Development & Sales, Direct: 202-315-1055, Mobile: 703-606-4752, email plan to attend their 2020 Fall Conference Agenda Draft 10.23.20.pdf.

  2. For recent insights on COVID -Impacted print consumption, review - Keypoint Intelligence 2020 Office Trends & 2021 Predictions or Watch Recording

    1. For additional information –

  3. Due to the March 2020 activation of the Strafford Act, GSA contractors can sell from their Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) to the broad Public Sector of states, cities, counties, K-12, Colleges and Universities.

    1. On Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, at 2 PM EDT, the Winvale team is hosting a webinar: Leveraging the GSA Schedule to Sell to State and Local Government.