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Develop a Successful 2020 FedGov Strategy

Reference Clover Imaging’s Library of 24 Presentations from GSA and NIB

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Clover’s support for the AbilityOne Skilcraft Program is recognized by the team from National Industries for the Blind (NIB) and Alabama Industries for the Deaf and Blind, (AIDB) with the 2019 Partner in Excellence Award. Credit for the picture to Jason Putsche Photography.

Two topics have dominated the recent headlines in my hometown of Washington, DC: The Washington Nationals Baseball Team winning the World Series, and the consolidation of the GSA Multiple Award Schedules program.

The last time the Washington Nationals won the World Series was 1933. Not since 1949 when Harry Truman established the GSA, has the Federal Community experienced a transition of this magnitude. 24 category specific Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) will consolidate into one Schedule. This includes for Office Products and Imaging Supplies.

On Nov. 25, GSA announced on Interact, the release of a mass modification in January 2020 to begin to implement the new consolidated Schedule for existing MAS contractors.

Dealers now have access to more product categories through MAS 99, or by applying for a modification of their existing Schedule. The rules and reporting procedures will become uniform.

There has never been a better time to sell to the Federal Government. The team from Clover can help.

The process begins with the new Letter of Supply (LoS) for MAS 99: Click here to download.

Product Information for New MAS 99

Click here for the January GSA AbilityOne Procurement List (PL) for TRI and AIB. The Essentially the Same (ETS) policy to block/substitute/report applies across the newly consolidated Schedule

  • 40 new remanufactured laser skus “powered by Clover" will support the world’s most extensive program for the employment and advancement of the blind and the severely handicapped
  • 17 Turbon skus have been removed from the PL. At this time, 19 of the AbilityOne Skilcraft skus are from Turbon. These 19 Turbon skus from AIB are not eligible for Clover Imaging warranty, marketing, or rebate support
  • AbilityOne Skilcraft from AIB, AbilityOne from TRI Industries, and Wholesaler brand sales are eligible for the Clover Imaging quarterly rebate with POS validation, and contingent upon dealers featuring our standard, uniform content, cross-references, and posting current images.

Program Information

The Imaging Supply Manufacturers Authorization Program will apply across the new consolidated Multiple Award Schedule.

This program requires resellers to secure approval from Brother, Clover Imaging, HP, Lexmark and Xerox as a condition to sell the brand on

The revised Business Solutions Association website now features two golden bars within each respective manufacturer’s compartment. When clicked, the two bars will open:

  1. The list of Authorized Dealers: This list intentionally resides in the public domain, and essentially deputizes all who review the list.
    1. If a dealer has incorrect or inadequate information please contact the Contracting Officer.  Please see the guidelines here. 
  2.  An explanation of the Authorization Criteria
    1. Please visit Clover’s new FedGov landing page on From the BSA website, our landing page serves as a gateway to explore our newly modified
    2. We have also added a new email box on the BSA landing page: To ensure a prompt response, messages will be monitored by Steve Reid, Carly Cresto, and me (Steve Noyes).

Click to open the 14 presentations from the Oct. 22 and 23 GSA Region 2 Industry Days in NYC

2019 R02 GSS Industry Day Agenda MAS Consolidation – Stephanie Shutt Customer and Supplier Survey Feedback – Bob Noonan - Check Back Soon!
Contractor Performance: Frustrated Freight (Global Supply) and Advantage Order Status - Angela Lehman GSS Customer Industry Feedback / R2 Industry Day – Bob Noonan FEDMALL Slide Validation for Uploads – 2017 vendor Distribution
FedMALL Guidance Memo 9-26-17 R2 Industry Day 2019 – EVA Order Status Slides, 10-22-19 – Elizabeth Van Absher R2 Industry Day 2019 - Portals and Modifications – Henry Pierre Lewis
OS4 Purchasing Channel – Maria Viscione Modification Instructions for Products and Services – Michael Cullis The 4P Report – Demand Weighting and Negotiations – Josh Royko and Anisa Khandkar
Catalog Management Brief – Dena McLaughlin and Michael Shepherd Digital Tools Overview: GSAAdvantage? And Systems Modernization – Judith Zawatsky Electronic Data Interface (EDI) & Vendor Portal (VP) & Schedule Input Program (SIP) for MAS Vendors – Jeff Allnut


Click to open the 10 presentations from the Oct. 24 and 25 NIB/NAEPB Training Conference and EXPO in Crystal City, VA.

  1. Click here for the Distribution Forum that includes presentations on:
    1. AbilityOne Commission update
    2. Eliminating Frustrated Freight
    3. SKILCRAFT Brand Refresh
    4. Product Marketing Tools on SharePoint
    5. Vendor performance Scorecard
    6. Commercial Platforms Initiative (CPI)
  2. Click here for GSA Multiple Award Schedules Consolidation - What You Need to Know
  3. Click here for Best Practices for Developing Winning RFIs and RFPs
  4. Click here for Conquering Essentially-the-Same (ETS)
  5. Click here for AbilityOne and Federal Contracting - A Compliance Primer

On the Horizon

  1. During the month of January - watch for the 2020 Clover Authorized Federal Dealer Program. We invite ratification by signature of either the owner, or the dealer’s Contract Administrator within 30 days of receipt.
  2. March 24 & 25 NOPA DC dealer fly-in.   The event returns to the Capitol Skyline Hotel on Capitol Hill.  On Tuesday, attendees will learn from insightful speakers, and by networking within our community of dealers, wholesalers, manufacturers, subject matter experts and GSA followed by dinner, fellowship and fun.   On Wednesday, attendees will visit with their Congressional Representatives and Senators.  Monitor and/or contact Mike Tucker, President and CEO of the IOPFDA for further details at 410-931-8100, or email .   Clover is proud to help sponsor this important annual gathering.   Steve Reid and Steve Noyes look forward to seeing you in Washington DC. For more information regarding this year’s Fly-in, please click here.
  3. April 9 Reman Day –
  4. April 14-16 - Steve Reid and Steve Noyes look forward to seeing you in Atlanta, GA.
  5. Q1 2020 – date TBA:   As part of NOPA’s continuing education series, Allen Westerfield President of the will update the community on the risky liability of selling counterfeit, gray market / black market imaging supplies.   Monitor for the date and details.