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Created: May 09 2019 By: Steve Noyes Back to All Posts

GSA Launches New Survey Tool for FSSI OS3


We salute and applaud the GSA Executive Team in Region 2 for their hard work developing and deploying the new Pilot Survey Tool for FSSI OS3.

The process is triggered after a Purchasing Manager or P-Card holder places a purchase order in GSA Advantage! A survey solicits feedback regarding satisfaction with the ordering experience.

If “order / delivery” discrepancies are discovered, then they can be patterned and sent for corrective action.

GSA is encouraged by a strong response rate and constructive feedback. For example, the survey has been useful in quantifying concerns with order cancellations.

In the Office Supply environment, of the 19 remaining contracts on FSSI OS3 under the Purchasing Schedule, 17 will sunset in the first week of August 2019.  The last two will sunset in December 2019.

The Requisition Channel for OCONUS volume, supported by six vendors, has its own timeline.   Reference the RFI that was posted last December for details.

GSA is analyzing the results of this survey and exploring the next phase of this pilot.

BSA Web Site enhancements support

The language on the BSA Website has been modified to reflect the scope of the imaging supply offering – “Ink and toner cartridges, maintenance kits, fuser assemblies, drum units. Does not pertain to printers, hardware, media or paper.”

It also offers clarity concerning the terms from the four Authorized Imaging Supply Manufacturers, (Clover, HP, Xerox and Lexmark), and the consequences to “cure” in 48 hours.

This amplifies the request to exclusively rely upon standard, uniform content, accurate cross references, and current images supplied by the four Authorized Imaging Supply Manufacturers to merchandise their GSA web site. This is a requirement for the 2019 Clover Authorized Federal dealer program.

Sharing recent GSA Presentations

This spring the GSA has communicated a variety of terrific presentations concerning

  1. Category Management Presentation
  2. Pricing and Price lists
  3. TAA Training
  4. Sales Tracking and Training
  5. Procurement Through Commercial E-Commerce Portals

Please watch for the June edition of this blog for an update on the new instructions on how to process a contract modification. This resource will be link driven, guided by an index, feature step by step screen shots, a repository of documents, a glossary of terms, provide the reason for rejection, and offer suggested corrective action.

Please feel welcome to forward this blog, and invite others in your organization (in sales and the bid department) to register to receive our monthly updates.