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Clover’s Federal Program Drives Dealer Profit


OEM Conversions Drive Dealer Profit, Deliver Savings to the Consumer, and Strengthen your Relationship with your Customers.

The US imaging supply market is a $20 billion industry.1 Experts in the GSA suggest that the Federal Government buys approximately $750 million of Printer, Inkjet and Multi-Function Device imaging supplies through all their acquisition solutions.

The Clover Federal Program strategy is to maximize OEM conversions. Sell what sells, but steer what your customers are buying. Imaging supplies is a terrific category that enables dealers to share a positive story. Our simple four-step elevator pitch has a proven track record of success because it helps Federal Purchasing Managers satisfy their purchasing objectives, and/or “set aside” goals.

Dealers that embrace this strategy are generating profitable sales, and delivering measurable value to their customers through this proposition:


1. AbilityOne Integration

  • Clover supports both Tri Industries and Alabama Industries for the Deaf and Blind for the AbilityOne Skilcraft brand with rebates, and issue resolution
  • Imaging Supplies can be sold by dealers to help Chief Acquisition Officers meet their Socio-Economic purchasing objectives.
    • AbilityOne formally recognizes the Status of the Dealer. For example, Woman Owned (WO), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SVDO), Veteran Owned (VO), Historically Underprivileged Business (HUB), etc.
  • Clover enthusiastically supports the AbilityOne mission, and we partner with the four AbilityOne Authorized Wholesalers, and the 277 Authorized Dealers.


2. Best Value Proposition

Clover offers replacement printer cartridges with savings up to 30% compared to the OEM. We offer Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) worksheets to quantify the compelling message of annualized savings to your customers.
  • Target consumer opportunities where HP Authorized dealers are vulnerable. On certain contracts, HP imposes a restriction on their Authorized Dealers by limiting the amount of Non-OEM HP supplies sold to no more than 10% of their total sales.
  • Validate the quality and performance of our remanufactured cartridges by referencing the independent third-party laboratory analysis from the respected Buyer’s Laboratories. Learn more on the BLI test results
  • Target the conversion of the entire printer fleet. On average, cartridges are replaced every 4 to 8 weeks. The consumer savings, and dealer’s profit, add up quickly.

3. Green/Environmental Purchasing Solution

CIG remanufactured ink and toner cartridges conserve non-renewable natural resources and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than new OEM cartridges.


CIG remanufactured cartridges dramatically reduce the consumption of natural resources and ecologically-damaging fossil fuels.

  • Clover remanufactured cartridges are compliant with the Executive Order 13834.
  • FedCenter encourages the use of remanufactured cartridges in Federal agencies -
  • Clover cartridges have been approved by the GSA to feature their recycled icon on all Clover product descriptions.


4. Cartridge Recycling Solutions

Clover offers cartridge recycling solutions that enables dealers to provide their customers with an eco-friendly program to return empty cartridges and keep them out of landfills. Our recycling programs offers access to detailed reporting including sustainability reports.

  • Participation is free to all dealers and getting started is easy.
  • Clover will pay dealers not only for their recycled cartridges but for their customers returns as well. Create your recycling account here
  • Dealers can host recovery solutions directly on their website for customer returns.
  • If dealers are not interested hosting recovery solutions on their site, their customers can be sent directly to end-user focused recycling program. Evolve Recycling

For more information on the 2019 Clover Authorized Federal Dealer Program, please contact your Clover Account Manager.

1. Source Keypoint Intelligence.

2. Data from a 2010 Clover-funded Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) conducted by RIT. LCA data has not yet been publicly released.