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Steve Noyes

Active in the Office Products industry selling in the Contract / Commercial market, and to the Federal Government / Public Sector since 1986. Steve is a subject matter expert and a featured speaker, contributing articles to industry publications, author of the Clover Federal Government blog, a panelist at GSA and industry conferences. Steve serves on several boards including the, TRI-Industries, and is a Charter member of the GSA Round Table for SIN 339940 and OS4, liaison with the Steve also serves on the Consensus Body of In Addition, Steve has also contributed to the development and specification of Imaging Supply Standards for the,, and
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Why Reporting GSA Naming Convention Violations Can Help Ensure A Trusted Marketplace and Maximize Your Profit

Created: August 09 2019 By: Steve Noyes

According to Keypoint Intelligence, the US imaging supply market is in the range of $19.5B. Experts in the GSA suggest that the Federal Government buys approximately $750M of imaging supplies through...

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Clover Ensures that our Authorized Federal Dealers are Informed, Safe, and Profitable

Created: June 25 2019 By: Steve Noyes

Attend the “Welcome to the Jungle” NOPA webinar to learn about toner cartridges

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GSA Launches New Survey Tool for FSSI OS3

Created: May 09 2019 By: Steve Noyes

We salute and applaud the GSA Executive Team in Region 2 for their hard work developing and deploying the new Pilot Survey Tool for FSSI OS3.

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Leverage Popular GSA Web Sites to Design Data Driven Strategy

Created: April 10 2019 By: Steve Noyes

For some dealers that are either curious, new, or have applications pending for 75, much detail is in the public domain and visible through GSA web sites. This blog identifies popular resources to...

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Clover’s Federal Program Drives Dealer Profit

Created: March 13 2019 By: Steve Noyes

OEM Conversions Drive Dealer Profit, Deliver Savings to the Consumer, and Strengthen your Relationship with your Customers.

The US imaging supply market is a $20 billion industry.1 Experts in the GSA...

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Clover Authorized Federal Dealer Program

Created: January 24 2019 By: Steve Noyes

Clover is working in harmony with GSA to support their programs. We applaud the GSA Executive Team for their vision, and their aspiration to create a “trusted marketplace” for Legacy 75 and Enhanced...

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