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Who Needs Managed Print Services?

Who Needs MPS-Blog

In today’s information-rich world, the need for document output have not decreased as some predicted. Nearly every competitive organization needs an external provider to manage this output. Managed Print Services, (MPS), includes print output assessment, hardware replacement if necessary and the parts, supplies and services required to operate that hardware. This includes the need to track the ways devices are being used, the assessment of problems, and monitoring client satisfaction. Often times, IT professionals cannot or will not attend to these needs. By filling this need, the Clover Imaging Group has become a leader in MPS on a global scale.

Who Needs Managed Print Services?

Too often, companies must grow to exceed the local scale before print management needs are recognized as a significant pain point. Many organizations simply replace printers rather than repair or maintain them.. Until the losses associated with printing maintenance needs become clear to them, these companies will continue buying new printers without understanding the total cost of ownership of each device and missing out on valuable cost control opportunities. Print remains a large unaudited cost for many companies. These organizations will have to be shown that significant savings and process efficiency can be gained through MPS.

1. What are your annual printing costs?

Few companies track printing costs, making this a salient point of revelation. Get them to consider the fact that this blind spot might be a significant issue. Then press on.

2. How do you handle workflow, scanning, and document management?

3. Are your multifunction printers integrated with your network?

4. What process do you have in place to audit your acquisition cost for new print devices and supplies?

5. Would you consider examining opportunities to improve efficiency in use, maintenance, and development of your printing capabilities?

6. Would you be interested in a customized solution to cost reduction and streamlining your document output facilities?

If you’ve made your case in a compelling way, the answer is a no-brainer. Of course they want to save money and boost efficiency. Your goal as the vendor is to make them understand that a need exists they have yet to recognize- and provide a solution.

The Benefits of MPS: Beyond Efficiency

We’ve described the case to be made with organizations who have not examined their need for MPS. One reason Clover Imaging has been so successful is the fact that so few companies realize how much money they are throwing away by not properly managing their printers, consumables and document output related resources. Your goal is to show potential clients that they have an opportunity to switch from a reactive model of print management to a proactive and predictive one.

Beyond revealing the basic pain point of high costs through mismanagement, you need to demonstrate a range of pain points for your client. These include;

  • Uncontrolled Business Costs: Lapses in direct controls on spending, use, and maintenance are glaring discrepancies that businesses need to be made aware of. No one measures personal printing on the job.
  • Gaps in Security: Poor or nonexistent print management can result in lost or destroyed documents. This means sensitive and mission-critical information may be unprotected.
  • Lack of Remote Management: Without remote access to their print fleet, companies are wasting massive amounts of time and energy tending to devices on an individual basis.
  • Excessive Carbon Footprint: Most companies recognize the branding benefits of going green. By accessing MPS, they can reduce their waste profile and better appeal to eco-conscious customers.
  • Reduce Print Volume: Poorly managed print facilities often produce more printed products that exceed an organization’s document output needs resulting in waste, loss, and damage.
  • Boost Accountability: With opaque systems, workers can get away with cutting corners in ways that are wasteful or abusive. With direct remote monitoring, a higher level of accountability can be maintained.  

Manage Print Services Assessment Tools

As you make your case, potential customers will want to see proof of the benefits of MPS. Once they recognize that they have a blind spot in the cost and process of print management, they may become wary of obtaining print management services that are not transparent.
With respect to this well-reasoned concern, you can offer them the following remote accessing utilities.

Supplies Fulfillment

Clients can see and monitor the use and expenditure of drums, toner, fusers, and maintenance supplies, eliminating toner waste by using up all of the toner in the cartridge
Maintenance & Servicing
Custom, automated service alerts provide timely reminders for service and replacement.
Security & Reliability Services
Clover’s Axess Data Collection Agent (DCA) will be installed on e the network to manage devices and optionally users. This enables every authorized employee to monitor and track print management data.

Getting started with MPS can be intimidating for decision makers who have only just learned about potential print management issues. It is important to stress the fact that MPS solutions are fully customizable and will be carefully implemented to respect the client’s budget. Most importantly, it is important that potential clients understand that their business process can only be improved by addressing MPS needs and that they are certain to see a positive impact on their bottom line.