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The Dynamic Duo — How Ecommerce and an SEO Strategy Can Galvanize Your Marketing


The market for ecommerce is steadily growing, particularly now that many consumers are choosing online shopping over physical stores in response to the changes brought about by COVID-19.

As more businesses pivot to take advantage of this trend in consumer buying, it’s important to gain an early leading edge in the market.

To do this, your organization should place a strong focus on two things: Creating a website that people can find easily and creating content that positions you as an authority, improves the customer experience, and guides your audience smoothly through your sales funnel.

Ecommerce + SEO = RESULTS

With the right website and a targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, your prospects will come to you, eliminating the need for cold calls and other sales outreach strategies that can take up valuable time and often provide low return-on-(time)-investment.

The benefits of a strong and deliberate approach to SEO can take your ecommerce site to the next level, providing increased leads, better customer satisfaction, and increased revenue, along with:

  1. Brand Awareness

Spreading the word about your brand is easy when you provide customers with content that satisfies their hunger for credible, authoritative information and keeps search engine crawlers interested.

Using longtail keywords (keyword phrases using three or four very specific words) takes care of those search engines and helps your customers find you easily.

For best results, use keyword phrases that are navigational, informational, transactional, or commercial.

  1. Marketing Funnel Magic

SEO plays an important part in driving low-cost, top of funnel traffic at the first stage of the funnel — awareness. As consumers move through the rest of the funnel from awareness to interest, action, and intent, their keywords will also move from informational phrases to transactional ones.

Ensuring you are focusing on the correct intent at ideal points on your ecommerce site helps move shoppers to the next phases to increase conversion rates.

  1. Expanded Remarketing

SEO helps you set your ecommerce site up right for continued remarketing of leads that find you through organic or paid search. You can place cookies on your site for remarketing campaigns to display ads to customers once they leave your site.

This is particularly advantageous for top of the funnel visitors, as you can passively remind them of your brand as they move to other locations on the web.

  1. Improved UX

Good content (and great SEO) offers an outstanding user experience, providing useful content, an easily navigable site, an appealing design, and easily searchable and authoritative information that is accessible to all persons, regardless of ability.

  1. Lower Paid Search Costs

Optimizing content and using phrases that drive value for both paid and organic searches can benefit Google Ad campaigns by providing a better Google Quality Score.

A Quality Score, which measures ad relevance in relation to landing pages, calculates per-click costs for your campaigns. A better Quality Score translates into lower click costs and better organic search performance.

Ultimately, creating traffic using only organic search powered by SEO techniques is the perfect solution as it removes the cost of paid search altogether.

  1. Lasting Value and Loyalty

SEO’s value doesn’t end once a campaign is over.

By focusing on continued optimization using design, content, and innovative technology, you can elevate your organization’s performance using organic search for months and even years to come.

The credibility you build through valuable content increases user experience, boosts loyalty, and positions your brand as a trustworthy industry authority.

Generate Ecommerce Leads and Revenue Using the Power of SEO

SEO is a simple, yet powerful tool for companies looking to establish a strong web presence and a profitable ecommerce business.

Combining targeted SEO techniques with an easily navigable site that offers value to your customers can position your brand as an industry authority, offering a competitive edge in today’s saturated marketplace.

Need help finding the right SEO strategies for your ecommerce site? Get industry-specific guidance from the experts at Clover Imaging Group today and put SEO to work for your company.