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Sell Managed Print Services Programs With Specialized Training For MPS Professionals


It is a well-known fact that managed print service (MPS) providers save businesses money. Beyond reducing costs, MPS also generates demonstrable improvement in document management, corporate security, and growth flexibility. While it would seem like selling managed print services to enterprises should be simple, success requires dedicated training for MPS professionals.



MPS professionals know what they bring to the table – peace of mind from fixed printing costs, unparalleled flexibility, and the ability to use the best equipment on the market. However, the enterprises who can benefit most from these advantages are often reluctant to close a sale.

Generally, the bigger the enterprise, the more reluctant it will be to undergo any significant internal turmoil - doing so represents risk. This is the first obstacle that MPS professionals will need to address when selling managed print services.

Another issue is compatibility – if the enterprise's devices aren't already MPS Certified, then they could run into problems when attempting to replace used up print consumables, such as toner cartridges.

These are powerful deterrents for C-suite executives responsible for making these decisions. As a result, salespeople in the MPS industry need to be prepared.



Addressing fears and demonstrating the value of a MPS solution requires preparation. Salespeople tasked with getting contracts from major corporations need to be educated both on the advantages MPS offers and the best ways of communicating those advantages to executive decision-makers.

One of the most effective ways to prepare yourself is through a dedicated MPS sales course. Comprehensive training for MPS professionals can cover go-to-market strategies, the specifics of the print market environment, and the best methods for lead generation in the MPS industry.


If an MPS provider is committed to selling one particular brand or service, its staff must achieve expert-level proficiency with that brand's products. The Business Transformation Center recommends obtaining brand-specific certifications and completing training courses for any and all products used.



Successful training for MPS professionals must also highlight customer needs effectively. The second type of preparation that MPS providers need to address is centered on the customer.

Having the most intelligent technology and the most innovative product on the market is only worth something when these features are properly marketed to the customer. As Alan Hall points out in Forbes, knowing your customer can make or break a company, as it did with Kodak's famous 2012 bankruptcy.

Preparing yourself to make an MPS sale by knowing your customer's needs is critical to success. Learning from experts in the field can help sales teams identify the pain points their target consumers have, and give them the tools they need to address those pain points effectively.



Clover Imaging offers prospective MPS sales teams with the information they need to generate leads and close sales. It achieves this through a series of online training modules covering the following topics:


Each one of these modules includes multimedia content and real world examples designed to give MPS professionals the information they need to succeed in a competitive industry. Every one addresses a critically important step in the sales process as it pertains to the MPS industry.

The Axess MPS SalesPro Training course is designed for busy imaging industry professionals who need to sharpen their sales skills without spending too much time away from the office. It offers comprehensive coverage on how successful sales teams prepare themselves for interfacing with customers.



Customers enjoy considerable value when signing MPS contracts – resellers who know how to frame that value have the most to gain in the print and imaging industry. Through private labeled managed services software, and reseller-set pricing terms and conditions, you can generate authentic value for enterprise customers using existing MPS solutions. Find out more with a free Axess MPS SalesPro Training trial.