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Created: April 10 2019 By: Steve Noyes Back to All Posts

Leverage Popular GSA Web Sites to Design Data Driven Strategy


For some dealers that are either curious, new, or have applications pending for 75, much detail is in the public domain and visible through GSA web sites. This blog identifies popular resources to monitor how the Federal Government buys Office Supplies, and the strategic sub set of Imaging Supplies, through FSSI OS3, MAS Legacy 75, 75/OS4, etc.

Volume revealed through D2D and GSA Advantage

The Data to Decisions Dashboard (D2D) reveals customers, brands, and reported volume for FSSI OS3. According to the D2D, 38% of the total volume of FSSI OS3 is imaging supplies. Of the 19 remaining FSSI OS3 contracts, 17 will sunset in the first week of August 2019. The last two will sunset in December 2019. Certain of these dealers could migrate to 75/OS4, others may wait for the evolving October 2019 consolidation of the Schedules. FSSI OS3 will be retired, but Federal demand will be satisfied through other Acquisition Solutions.

  1. Visit D2D Commodities Performance Dashboard, click the GSA logo in the middle of the screen, then click “view dashboard.” Give it a moment to completely load.
  2. For a perspective on the reported sales volume for all of the Multiple Award Schedules, visit
  3. Visit the recently refreshed

A detailed report of all the Contractors, their schedule #, number of items ordered, number of orders, and total sales can be directly downloaded in Excel format by clicking here:

The Acquisition Gateway

The “1102” Professional Acquisition Community communicate, and share best practices, on the GSA pass code protected portal of the Acquisition Gateway

Visit Acquisition Gateway GSA Procurement Tools

This link will take you to the Acquisition Gateway section where the current roster of 75/OS4 supporting Agencies is posted in the public domain.

Visit Mandatory Use Policy Letters for OS4

Hover your cursor over the Agency name to open for specific contact information of the Purchasing Manager.

Contact your Clover Manager to help educate your sales team to maximize OEM conversions. We are available to specify the Clover solution, cross reference, quote, and make consumer calls.