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Earn Additional Revenue from Customers’ Recycled Cartridges


The United States is running out of landfill space. New research predicts we’ll be out of room in our landfills in the next 20 years, setting the stage for another ecological disaster.

When you realize that 60 to 80 percent of all used toner cartridges go directly to landfills, and 375 million of these cartridges are consigned to landfills each year — the situation looks even more dire.

The good news is that 97 percent of the materials used in manufacturing toner cartridges can be recycled, significantly cutting down the amount of waste added to our overburdened landfills.

Even better news? You and your customers can both reap significant benefits while helping the environment by recycling toner cartridges.

How to Recycle Toner Cartridges for Tangible Benefits

Resellers and their customers now have the unique ability to participate in protecting our environment from unnecessary waste while increasing profitability.

Environmentally friendly recycling programs help keep toner cartridges out of landfills and provide incremental revenue to participants, along with other benefits.

1. Cost Benefits for Dealers and Customers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply collect and return your customer’s print cartridges to earn money? Resellers need only gather up the cartridges, download a shipping label, and return the items to a central processing center.

Customers are paid directly for each cartridge they release to the program and resellers earn incremental revenue for the value of the units collected. It’s the perfect way to realize additional revenue for practically no effort.

2. Offset Customers’ Carbon Footprint

Creating one toner cartridge emits about 4.8 kg of carbon dioxide, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. A single toner manufacturer can create 200,000 cartridges per month for a total emission of 640,000 kg of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each month.

Combined with the amount of landfill waste generated by used toner cartridges, this adds up to a significant impact on the environment.

However, recycling cartridges can reduce the number of newly manufactured cartridges needed and keep landfill waste generated by discarded cartridges to a minimum. This practice can help offset customer’s carbon footprint and contribute to their reputation as an environmentally responsible organization.

3. Grow Your Green Reputation

A high-quality remanufactured cartridge will have been completely dismantled, had moving and worn parts replaced, and been refilled with toner that is an exact match for the OEM cartridge it is replacing.

Not only is it the perfect, high-functioning replacement for OEM, but it is the greenest solution to the problem on toner cartridge waste that there is.

Using remanufactured cartridges not only make sense for your customers’ bottom lines and the environment — it also gives them the added marketing benefit of proving themselves as a company that cares about the environment.

A recent study showed that up to 88 percent of consumers have a more positive image of businesses that advocate for environmental or social causes. They are also more likely to patronize these businesses, and they’re more likely to be loyal customers over time.

Importantly, up to 92% of respondents noted that they’d be more likely to trust a company that took part in supporting these causes. That type of marketing impact is just one reason why Clover Imaging has developed the Clover Environmental Solutions Recycling Program.

Through this program, resellers not only collect empty toner cartridges and earn money and benefits for themselves and the customers they serve, but they demonstrate concrete practices that support good environmental stewardship.

Being able to point to strong practices like toner recycling that promote a healthier planet is a great way for customers to show their support for the environment and grow their reputation as a green company.

The Fastest Way to Get Started Recycling — And Earning

Clover’s Environmental Solutions Recycling Program can help resellers and their customers reap the significant benefits associated with recycling toner cartridges.

Not only will you earn money and offset your carbon footprint, but you’ll tap into the growing market of consumers that target companies offering green solutions to the environmental impact some necessary business practices pose.

Clover has leveraged its years of environmental stewardship and knowledge to create a program that makes recycling as simple as possible for both resellers and their customers. The Environmental Solutions Recycling Program offers a simple way to aggregate the many benefits of recycling without adding a lot of time and effort to your customers’ workloads.

Contact a Clover representative today and start realizing the cost and environmental benefits immediately when your customers recycle their cartridges!