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Clover Authorized Federal Dealer Program

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Clover is working in harmony with GSA to support their programs. We applaud the GSA Executive Team for their vision, and their aspiration to create a “trusted marketplace” for Legacy 75 and Enhanced 75/OS4. Our program has evolved from a successful 2018 pilot model. We have streamlined our policies, and enhanced our support resources.

Contrary to the direct sell model of the OEM’s, and many other remanufacturers, Clover does not sell directly to end users. Our priority is to drive OEM conversions. We market directly to decision makers, and sell through Authorized distribution. Consequently, we highly value and support our partner dealers. Clover hosts a suite of dealer solutions that can be reviewed here -

Through listening to our partner dealers, we have created a comprehensive Federal Government program that includes:

  • A competitive Jan. 2019 Federal Price List for eligible dealers that will be effective within the range of the Horizontal Pricing Model.
  • A Letter of Supply (LoS) for Dealers that prefer fulfillment, or drop shipments, directly from Clover
  • Quarterly Rebates for direct purchases, and cumulative rebates for:
    • Clover product purchased through our partner wholesalers: i.e. Innovera, Elite & CIG brands
    • AbilityOne Skilcraft purchased from either: AIB or Tri Industries, or the four Authorized AbilityOne Wholesalers or
  • Inclusion on the BSA web site to Authorize dealers to sell Clover brand(s)
  • Access to the Clover Bid Desk for aggressive quotes, Prior to bid release our team can provide assistance with the specification, Protect the opportunity for the specifying dealer with a registration mechanism, and if necessary follow up with Post-bid protest and Enforcement.
  • Clover team support in securing Agency IDIQ’s and BPA’s by specifying the Clover Experience

The Program is supported by consumer facing marketing collateral. The flyers can be customized with the dealer’s name and contact information to help convey the proposition of:

    1. Cost Savings of up to 30% compared to the OEM
    2. Independent Third-Party by Buyers Laboratory (BLI) prove that cartridges manufactured by CIG rival the performance of OEM cartridges.
    3. Warranty Protection
    4. Right to Choose – OEM printer warranties are not invalidated by remanufactured supplies
    5. Compliance with EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)

To access a sample of the Federal Governent marketing materials:

The 2019 program enhancements, terms, and the Jan. pricing, are exclusively available to those Dealers who enroll in the 2019 program. We cannot grandfather in dealers from 2018.

Contact your Clover Sales Rep, or anyone from the Federal Government Team, if you have questions.