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Benefits of Converting Your Customers from OEM to Remanufactured Cartridges

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Businesses — both large and small alike — are interested in keeping their budgets lean and their bottom lines healthy. But, at the core of most businesses is an office set-up with printers and copiers that are notorious guzzlers of that costly commodity — ink and toner cartridges.

With the average office worker using 10,000 sheets of paper each year in a copier or printer, it’s obvious where a lot of the budget is ending up. And that’s just the number for one office worker. What if your customer has four — or more — employees using printers? That’s 40,000 pages per year — a lot of ink.

Ink and toner represent the largest chunk of money spent on the process of printing — and it’s the most sensitive pain point for most businesses managing their print budget.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your customers a way to save up to 25% — or more —over the cost of OEM toner cartridges?

That’s where remanufactured cartridges come in. Let’s explore not only how to provide your customers with significant cost savings on ink and toner cartridges, but the numerous other benefits remanufactured cartridges hold for the savvy business owner.

Benefits of Remanufactured Cartridges

Manufacturers of large-scale printing equipment often lace their owner’s manuals with warnings about using remanufactured cartridges, although this should be no surprise since they have a vested interest in selling high-priced OEM refills to pad their bottom lines.

What they don’t mention is that when your customer switches from OEM to high-quality remanufactured toner cartridges, they’ll realize a whole host of benefits.

1. Cost Savings

Typically, 80 to 90 percent of a standard laser printer’s cost of ownership derives from subsequent purchases of toner cartridges. In a high-end model, this can add up to a whopping $8,000 per year in OEM cartridges.

If your customers substitute remanufactured cartridges of the same — or higher — quality, however, they can save up to 30 percent over the life of that printer.

For dealers, there’s the added benefit of a higher profit margin on remanufactured versus OEM toner cartridges. OEM cartridges typically have a slim profit margin of around 10 percent, while aftermarket cartridges can offer 40 to 50 percent margins for substantially higher profits.

2. Positive Environmental Impact

According to statistics, more than 375 million OEM cartridges are clogging landfills every year. When you consider that it takes one of these cartridges about a thousand years to decompose, you begin to understand what an enormous environmental burden they are to the planet.

Additionally, these cartridges are regarded as “potentially carcinogenic” and can leach toxic chemicals into the soil that can reach underground aquifers.

Each remanufactured cartridge that your customer buys contributes to their overall level of corporate responsibility by keeping another cartridge out of a landfill and preventing an entire chain of environmental impacts.

High-end cartridge remanufacturers like Clover offer easy-to-use programs that help customers return empty cartridges for reuse and recycling to take the burden out of returns.

3. Quality and Flexibility

A high-quality remanufactured cartridge has been completely dismantled, moving and worn parts have been replaced, and it has been refilled with toner that is an equivalent for the OEM cartridge it is replacing.

This means its ability to pick up toner and produce crisp, clear pages is the same — or better — than the OEM cartridge it is replacing.

Remanufactured cartridges also contribute to a lowered consumable cost, giving customers the flexibility to arrange print workstations where they’re needed.

For example, having numerous smaller laser printers located throughout office space rather than one large printer may seem counterintuitive given the higher cost-per-page. But, with savings on remanufactured toner, customers have the extra capital they need to develop their printer fleet in a way that suits their workflow.

The Fast Track to Helping Customers — and Your Business — Benefit from Remanufactured Cartridges

Clover’s Silver Bullet program is the newest in our comprehensive line-up of partner solutions that help dealers enhance their profitability and gain market share, while providing their customers with additional value.

When you sign up for our new Silver Bullet Partner program, you’ll save up to 30% on current pricing by simply converting your OEM buying customers to Clover remanufactured cartridges. That’s in addition to the already higher margins offered by selling remanufactured cartridges over OEM.

This is your opportunity to grab market share from the competition, establish your company as a customer-focused enterprise, and capture new business. Contact a Clover representative today and discover how the Silver Bullet Partner program can help you — and your customers — succeed.