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Author: Matt McGuire

Matt McGuire

I started my career by moving ½ way across Canada to a city where I knew no one, in an industry where I had zero relative job experience. We provided data collection and reporting software, and went to market helping our clients utilize what is now termed Big Data to better position themselves (I get full marks on luck and timing). We had global partnerships that gave me a seat in boardrooms where I got to listen and learn from some of North America’s best companies and leaders. Since then, I’ve been on the business development side of technology and infrastructure for 10 years during which I’ve been responsible for programs you’ve probably used in your office.

Recent Posts

How QBRs Build Customer Relationships and Cross-sell Opportunities

Created: October 25 2019 By: Matt McGuire

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs), are an essential but underutilized part of the customer relationship process. These meetings are an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers, review...

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How to Improve SEO Ranking of a Website

Created: July 26 2019 By: Matt McGuire

Did you know that the rankings found on the first page of a Google search bring in 95 percent of website traffic? Visibility is at the heart of organic search success but a website doesn’t get...

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Why Email Marketing is Important for Businesses

Created: June 21 2019 By: Matt McGuire

As a business, so much of your ability to succeed in terms of lead generation, customer engagement and other factors comes down to your ability to get the right message in front of the right...

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What’s the Biggest Lead Generation Challenge That B2B Companies Face? And How Can They Overcome It?

Created: May 28 2019 By: Matt McGuire

If it seems like B2B companies are having a hard time getting high quality leads, that’s not an illusion. It really is getting harder for B2B organizations to attract, reach, and engage with...

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Common Website Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)

Created: May 02 2019 By: Matt McGuire

Copier dealers occupy a special place when it comes to digital marketing. Imaging equipment is notoriously complex, yet users demand simplicity. The same is true of marketing materials for print...

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How Does Local SEO Work? What You Need to Know

Created: April 25 2019 By: Matt McGuire

What is Local SEO? Breaking It Down

At its core, the concept of local SEO is about more than just website ranking. It's about increasing the search visibility for businesses within the...

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How to Write the Perfect Blog from Your First Blog Post Onwards

Created: March 01 2018 By: Matt McGuire

Blogging is more popular than ever. If there was ever a perfect time to start, it's now.

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Use Inbound Marketing to Increase Online Presence and Brand Awareness

Created: July 20 2017 By: Matt McGuire

Inbound marketing is a well-known lead generator for B2B and B2C companies alike. In both cases, the combination of website optimization, quality content, and social media leverage gets customers...

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The Three Pillars of Using Inbound Marketing to Generate Sales Leads

Created: July 13 2017 By: Matt McGuire

Inbound lead generation is a proven and highly effective way to drive sales in almost any industry. It works for retailers, consultants, manufacturers, and B2C and B2B companies.

However, not all...

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