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How should my company set up a cartridge recycling program?

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Empty cartridge recycling is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon footprints. However, setting up a cartridge recycling program for your customers may not exactly be on your day to day schedule. We understand – as a reseller, recycling isn't necessarily your core competency. Your first priority is moving product out the door, not trying to bring it back in.

Through the dedicated recycling arm of our company, we have a way that you can set up a cartridge recycling program without causing inefficiency in your day to day operations. You get all of the credit with your customers, and we do all of the back end work. Sound like something interesting? Here are the steps for your minimal effort cartridge recycling program.


What Clover Environmental Solutions Does for Your Company

Our sole purpose at Clover Environmental Solutions is to provide your company with an intuitive, full-scale recycling process. We take care of everything on the backend so that you can focus on selling new product. Additionally, creating this new line of engagement with your client base provides an additional opportunity for new communications and increased customer goodwill.

Aside from helping your customers go green, reselling our cartridge recycling program as your own is an opportunity for a supplementary income stream. Because of our scale, we have the ability to pay more for a wider variety of products. We can truly be your one stop shop for every recyclable material your clients have to give us, and you will be rewarded more handsomely for the partnership.


Analysis of Cartridge Recycling Efforts

Unlike many recycling solutions, our partnership does not end after the collections effort. After pickup, your clients can trace exactly how your materials are being used in the environment through our intuitive user interface. They can track materials quite precisely using our extremely detailed reporting. If for some reason a customer is trying to find a particular shipment, he can drill down into the individual pallet or parcel that he needs to see at any time. Your customers also have access to monthly sustainability reports.

Our customer service department becomes your customer service department. Should any of your clients have questions about the process, they can call through and talk to one of our dedicated experts. Our brand is ghosted behind yours on these service calls, ensuring that your clients give you the credit for helping them recycle.


Providing Your Customers Superior Customer Service

Speaking of customer service, we have built our reputation on our ability to provide answers to the clients of our recycling partners. We realize they may have a number of questions about the collections process that you may not be able to answer. Rest assured that we will treat your customers as our own. Your customers will also be able to view the recycling process from beginning to end – we value transparency as a core tenant of our business philosophy.


The Collections Effort Made Easy

Here is where the rubber meets the road – collections. it is our job to make the collections effort as easy as possible for each and every one of your customers. We start with basic logistics. We work around the schedule that is advantageous to you, we take care of all details on pickup, and we make sure that there is no cleanup for you to worry about after we leave.

We have many processing and consolidations locations that will receive all shipments of recyclable materials. Your customers will know exactly where your materials have gone if they need this information for any reason. Because we create all of our promotional and marketing materials in-house, they can always check to see if we delivered fully on our promise to them from the beginning of the process. From our online reporting interface, you can easily request reports on shipments and sustainability.

From the perspective of your customers, it will seem as though your brand is providing every aspect of these recycling services, not CES. However, you will still have full access to the expertise, logistics and functionality of our user interface and resources.


Your Next Move

The Clover Imaging Group is here to help your clients reduce their carbon footprint while creating an advantageous opportunity for you to engage them and profit from the effort. Our environmental arm, Clover Environmental Solutions, has the ability to purchase the widest variety of materials from your clients for very competitive prices. Let your clients know - when it comes to cartridges, we buy your empties, and we set up the entire cartridge recycling program for you!


Interested in learning more about how your company can start a recycling cartridge program? View the intuitive user interface and connect with one of our dedicated representatives today!


We look forward to helping you create an cartridge recycling program through a highly efficient process that requires very little of your time or manpower.