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5 Smart Tips for Training Your Field Technicians

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Training your field technicians may seem easy enough, but it’s important to remember how much you have riding on its successful completion.

If you want the process to go smoothly and have its intended result, think about how you can improve your current approach.

5 Tips That Will Make Training Your Field Technicians Easier and
More Effective

Before you begin training your field technicians about improved practices for printer repair or in how to provide new services, take a moment to review the five tips we’ve provided below. Training your field technicians is too important for unnecessary errors.


1. Begin with Your Top People

The biggest mistake you could make with training your field technicians would be trying to train all of them at the same time or using some arbitrary selection process (e.g.,based on their schedules).

This is never a good idea, but it’s an especially bad approach for larger companies that may have hundreds or even thousands of printer repair technicians. Aside from the logistics involved with that kind of tech training, it could represent a huge waste of money.

Instead, begin training with your top printer repair technicians.

For one thing, these staff members are already proficient so you can begin adding new skills immediately without having to go back and cover old ground.

They’ll most likely also be able to point out ways you could improve your training. Better to receive that feedback now than later on when you’ve already trained a large number of your workforce.

Once you have them trained in, they’ll also be ideal candidates to carry out printer training for the rest of your staff, as well.


2. Put Your Tech Training Online

Once you’ve met with your top people and conducted the initial run of your tech training, make changes as necessary. Then, take a look at how much of it can be put online for staff to learn that way.

Some forms of printer training will still have to be done in-person, of course. Any tactile procedure is probably best done where you can see that the student is carrying it out properly.

However, that will still most likely involve plenty of knowledge-based lessons that you could turn into videos. Make them available online (you can password protect them or keep them on a learning management system) and you’ll be able to train your technicians around the clock without the overhead that comes with constant site visits.


3. Utilize Social Networking

Communication programs designed for internal business purposes can also help with your tech training needs. Some examples include:

This is an excellent complement to putting your training online. If one of your field technicians has a question, they can simply use one of these platforms to ask it via their tablet or smartphone and receive an immediate reply.

They can even go through the archives first to see if someone already asked the question before or if it was otherwise covered elsewhere.


4. Design Your Offerings with Your Technicians in Mind

It’s essential that you proactively keep your service technicians up to speed on your company’s new offerings.

One easy way to do this is by simply designing products with them in mind to begin with.

Before you come up with another new service, speak with your employees. They’ll probably have a number of ideas about how you could improve your initial approach based on their in-field experiences.

This can also simplify the training process because the services you offer will be in-line with what your staff already knows.


5. Get the Timing Right

Chances are that your printer repair technicians already have a lot on their plate. Just because you make training mandatory doesn’t necessarily make it any more realistic for their already-busy schedules, even if a significant amount of it is offered online.

Depending on the industry you serve, there should be a time of year where things slow down a bit. That’s probably when it’s going to be best to conduct your training.

Of course, the more you can put your training online, the more you can avoid formal sessions. Training can be scheduled for slower days of the week, which will make it far less disruptive for your field technicians.


How to Complete Training

Finally, at the end of training, test each field technician to confirm they’ve developed the new skills you require of them. This is especially important if you plan on offering any of your tech training online. You need to make sure people were paying attention.

You can also reward those who successfully made it to the end of your tech training and passed your test by presenting them with a printer repair certification. This is something that can go on their resume and something your management team can consider when looking to promote.

Follow the rest of the tech training advice offered above, and you should have no shortage of those certifications to hand out. More importantly, you should also find that your customers are happy with the printer repair services they receive.